C-Micro aims to develop research on labor and micro development issues in Brazil. Its applied microeconomics analysis helps inform the public policy debate in the country on themes such as active labor market policies, education and social protection policies.  It is formed by professors, researchers, and students from EESP/FGV and associate researchers from other institutions from Brazil and abroad. C-Micro plays an important role at EESP/FGV by fostering an active research environment for its professors and students through courses, lectures, and research activities.  It draws financial support from EESP/FGV as well as from national and international public research sponsors such as CAPES, CNPq, FAPESP, World Bank, IADB and UNDP. It also has partnerships with public agencies, NGO´s and private foundations.


Coordinator: André Portela Souza


Assistant Coordinator: Amanda Arabage


(5511) 3799-3647 / 3799-3516 / c-micro@fgv.br




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