Working Papers C-Micro 2011


20/ 2011 Identification and Estimation of Distributional Impacts of Interventions using Changes in Inequality Measures

Authors: Sergio Firpo, Cristine Pinto

19/ 2011 Avaliando o Efeito da Introdução de Computadores em Escolas Públicas Brasileiras

Authors: Sergio Firpo, Renan Gomes De Pieri

18/ 2011 Electoral Rules, Political Competition and Fiscal Expenditures: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Brazilian Municipalities

Authors: Marcos Chamom, João M. P. de Mello, Sergio Firpo

17/ 2011 Measuring Peer Effects in the Brazilian School System

Authors: Sergio Firpo, Hugo Borges Jales

16/ 2011 Credit Constraint and Human Capital Investment in Brazil: Evidences from Returns to Education

Authors: Bruno Oliva, André Portela Souza

15/2011 Does the Gradient Matter? Marginal Returns and Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital

Authors: George Jakubson, André Portela Souza

13/2011 US Real Interest Rates and Default Risk in Emerging Economies

Authors: Nathan Foley-Fisher, Bernardo Guimaraes

12/2011 Informal Wages in a Economy with Active Labor Courts

Authors: Luis Araujo, Vladimir Ponczek

11/2011 The Impact of Structured Teaching Methods on the Quality of Education (new version WP 2/2012)

Authors: Maria Carolina da Silva Leme, Paula Louzano, Vladimir Ponczek, André Portela Souza

10/2011 The Impact of Daycare Attendance on Math Test Scores for a Cohort of 4th Graders in Brazil

Authors: Clarissa G. Rodrigues, Cristine C. X. Pinto, Daniel D. Santos

9/2011 Test Disclosure and School Performance

Authors: Braz Camargo, Rafael Camelo, Sergio Firpo, Vladimir Ponczek

8/2011 Career Concerns: A Human Capital Perspective

Authors: Braz Camargo, Elena Pastorino

7/2011 Descentralização fiscal e municipalização do Ensino Fundamental: impactos sobre os indicadores e desempenho educacional

Authors: Verônica Orellano, Fabiana Rocha, Enlinson Mattos, Ana Carolina Zoghbi

6/2011 Os determinantes do Fluxo Escolar entre o Ensino Fundamental e o Ensino Médio no Brasil (nova versão WP 1/2012)

Authors: André Portela Souza, Vladimir Ponczek, Bruno Oliva

5/2011 The Effects of Adult Literacy on Earnings and Employment

Authors: Vladimir Ponczek, Maúna Baldini Rocha

4/2011 Occupational Tasks and Changes in the Wage Structure

Authors: Sergio Firpo, Nicole M. Fortin, Thomas Lemieux

3/2011 New Evidence of the Causal Effect of Family Size on Child Quality in a Developing Country

Authors: Vladimir Ponczek, André Portela Souza

2/2011 Changes in Test Score Distribution for Students of the Fourth Grade in Brazil: A Relative Distribution Analysis for the Years 1997 to 2005

Authors: Clarissa G. Rodrigues, Eduardo L. G. Rios-Neto, Cristine C. X. Pinto

1/2011 Políticas de Distribuições de Renda no Brasil e o Bolsa-Família

Authors: André Portela Souza



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